This is a major project combining two areas of study: web-page design, and digital music editing.  You and a partner will build a web-based multiple choice quiz on your choice of music categories.
Categories could include: Classic Rock, Contemporary Rock, Country, Devotional, Hip-Hop, Traditional, etc.


You may have as many questions as you want, (minimum of ten), and may present more than one category, but the user should be able to select the category.

Your sound files should be approximately 3 - 5 seconds, or a maximum of 3 music bars in length.  Use any sound editing software available to you. 


Your sound files must be edited to fade in at the beginning, and fade out at the end, like the example to the left.
You may use any software available to you in developing the web pages.  You may use any clip art or graphics belonging or licensed to you, or in the public domain.

I will be presenting various demos and tutorials as needed over the next several weeks, but in the meantime, consider the following:
  • Use Mr.C's Music Quiz as an example

  • A grade of 'A' will have to be better, or more elaborate than the example

  • The shorter the sound files, the higher the level of difficulty

  • For increased difficulty choose sound clips carefully, (i.e./ don't pick a stanza that contains the title of the song)

  • Keep a master list of songs in case you forget the answer.

  • Make an web-based answer key, but keep it hidden for now

Click here for an intro to sound editing



2006 T. Carson