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Flash Project -Introduction to Flash

Create a new folder called "Flash_Project".  Open Macromedia Flash and start a new project. Save it to your project folder. Name it <Your_initials_math.fla>.

In the Properties box you will see the default document size.  If it is something other than 550 pixels X 400 pixels, change it to this size.  On a MAC this box may be at the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

Select View on the Menu Bar, then Grid and Show Grid.  A background grid will be displayed on the document.

With Flash you can import graphic images, (pictures), draw lines and shapes, and create text.  For this project we will create text objects using the Text Button.

When you select the Text button, the text properties are displayed at the bottom of the screen in the Properties section.

Fig. 1


The Library Window will allow you to see the various components you create, or import into your project. 

Go to the Window Menu and select Library.  Drag the Library to the right side of the screen.

Fig. 2

Getting Started:

Select the Text button. The cursor changes to a

Type the number 2 slightly left of the middle of the document work area. 

Using the Properties at the bottom of the screen, change the size to 80 and the colour to Black.

Fig. 3

Select the Insert menu, then select Convert to Symbol Name the symbol "2".  (You might be able to skip this step). (On a MAC: go to Modify --> Convert to Symbol) Notice that it now appears in the Library.

In the Timeline select to highlight the first frame, (the Keyframe). 

In the Properties box, the Tween box should appear.  Choose Motion Tween.

Fig. 4

Save your work often.

Next, select a frame (somewhere around frame 150) along the Timeline.

Go to the Insert menu and select Insert Keyframe(On a MAC: Insert --> Timeline --> Keyframe)

You should now see a series of blue frames along the timeline.

Fig. 5

Applying a Behaviour:

Select Frame 15 and insert a new Keyframe.  There may be various ways to do this: 

  • Right-click and Insert Keyframe

  • Go to Insert menu, and Insert Keyframe

  • Go to Modify, Modify Timeline. Insert Keyframe.

  • (On a MAC: Insert --> Timeline --> Keyframe)

Fig. 6

Now go back and select Frame 1.

Go to Modify, Transform, Scale.

You will notice 8 "Handles" appear around the text object. Select one of the corner handles and move in toward the centre of the number 2.  Re-size the number 2 until it's about 1 grid square in size.

   (Approximately 1 grid square).

Fig. 7

To test your animation, click and drag the red slider bar on the timeline back and forth.

Fig. 8


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