Webpage Construction with Frontpage 2003


Table of Contents:
Double-Click on any PURPLE TEXT to open a page or pop-up on the related topic.



Creating Tables:
This table has three rows and two columns. Click here to see how to create a table.

These two cells are merged. Scroll down to see how to merge cells.


This is the same table with no borders. Set Borders Size to 0 to hide borders.

Merge Cells:

Three cells are merged.

Click here to see how to merge cells.


These two cells are merged

You can merge any combination of cells.



This table has a border but no borders on individual cells.  Click here to see how.  

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Inserting Graphics:

This picture is Center Justified with the text placed beside the image. Notice how the text crowds the image, and also tends to push the image to the right. This isn't what the web page designer had in mind. a better idea would be to place the image and text into a table. Scroll down to see a better example.

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This picture is inserted into a table with two columns. Cell Padding is set to 3 to provide a space between the image and the text.

Using a table allows for more control over the placement of assets into the web page.

Click here to see how to insert an image.

Adding Horizontal Lines:

Horizontal Lines

can be used as visual separators between elements on a web page.

Right-click on the line to change it's properties - Color, Width, Alignment

The Horizontal Line above is Brown (66,33,00), and 3px wide.
The Horizontal Line below is Yellow, (FF,99,00), and 1px wide.

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Adding Animations:

From inside Macromedia Flash go to File --> Export --> Export Movie and save as a .swf file.  Save it to your website's graphics folder.


To insert the movie into your web page go to Insert --> Web Component --> Advanced Control --> Movie in Flash Format


Creating an External Link:

This links to a page on how to create a link.

This links to an external web site. This links to Google.


Creating Bookmarks:
The link that you clicked to get here is an example of a Bookmark. Click here to go to the page on how to create Bookmarks.

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