Designing a Simple Logo

in Macromedia Freehand

In this project you will create a unique logo using your initials or name.  

Open Macromedia Freehand and save the file as <your_name_logo1> in your project folder.

Have a look at Introduction to Logos for some basic information on Logo design.

In order to manipulate your initials individually you will need to type each letter separately.  To do this you will have to select the text tool once for each letter you type.  Do not type your initials together.

I am going to create a logo using the text "Mr. C".  I typed a sample to use as a guide in order to align the letters in my logo.


Fig. 1

Use the Selection Pointer tool to select the text you want to manipulate.

With the text selected, go to the Text menu and choose Convert to Paths.


Fig. 2

Your text will now have blue "nodes" at each of the line intersections.  Actually, the image is no longer "text", it is a graphic file.

These nodes allow you to change the shape of the image when you drag them with the Selection Pointer


Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Use the Scale function under the Modify menu.

This is the finished product!  Make sure you save your project before handing it in.

Fig. 5




T. Carson 2008