Animating Characters with Flash

This character was created using Macromedia Freehand.  Any vector-based graphics program, such as CorelDraw or Inkscape could be used.

The character can then be animated using Macromedia Flash.

Think of the animation as an illusion.  What you are watching is a series of still images being changed, one after the other.

My character is actually made up of several components. I have two positions of the arm.  Each arm can double as a left or right.

I have created four positions for the legs - two left and two right.  More would provide a smoother, more realistic animation, but this demo is merely designed to get you started with your project.

Each of these body parts will be imported to your Flash Library.




I used CorelDraw to make the body parts, but Freehand will work as well. You can start with a circle or rectangle. The Freeform tool can also be used to shape objects.

To increase the number of nodes, or points, go to Xtras --> Distort --> Add Points

Click on any blue point to bring up the associated node 'handle'.

Each handle can be manipulated separately to shape your object.