Text Message Abbreviations:

How's your Vocabulary?

Canadians send over ten billion text messages a year!  Does spelling count?

Just when you thought you had the dictionary memorized, and you were truly a scholar and master of the English language, along comes a whole new way of communicating.

Here is a list of text message abbreviations.  See how many you can figure out.  (Hover your mouse over the abbreviation to see the answer.)
1. afaik
2. atb
3. b
4. bbl8r
5. bbs
6. bcnu
7. b4
8. b4n
9. brb
10. btw
11. by
12. cm
13. d8
14. dnr
15. fst
16. gr8
17. gt2go
18. gudluk
19. hlo
20. hwru
21. ne1
22. n e thing
23. 911
24. qt
25. r u ok
26. xlnt

How did you do?  Can you communicate in the 21st Century? If you have any more common abbreviations send them to me and I'll include them in the list. Well, b4n, gt2go, Have a d8 4 dnr.

T. Carson 2009