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Flash Animation /Movie Project

 Flash animation – 2 to 3 minute video with sound (for YouTube)

 After reviewing the Flash tutorial:

  • Create a new folder, with a sub-folder for images and another for sound clips (You can import sound clips from any source and modify them using Sound Studio)

 Your video should tell a story. It should contain the following elements:

  • characters (humans, animals, monsters)

  • a hero

  • a villain

  • a conflict, (good vs. evil, man vs. nature, etc.)

  • foreshadowing, (a hint about what will happen next - this can be done with sound effects)

  • a setting, (time and place)

  • a climax - build the level of excitement up to the big event

  • a resolution - problem solved, hero wins again


  • Sound effects
  • Sound track (voice/music)

Do not include other people’s copyrighted video clips or music! Create your original score in Garage Band.



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