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Business Education Print Ad Project

Assignment:  Create a Full-page (8 x 11) colour print ad for your make-believe product.

  • Review Brochure Basics

  • Open Macromedia Freehand  and choose File --> New

How to Use Freehand:

Select "Window" on the menu bar and make sure you have the Toolbar items selected as shown in the following image.

Select the Text Tool to create text objects.  The default Font is Times but you can change it to any font that is available on the computer.  It is generally a good idea not to use more than two or three font styles in the same project.

Font size can be selected from the drop-down list when you click the arrow beside the present font size, or you can type in a particular size.

Under  "View" on the Menu Bar select Panels.  This will make it easier to change the properties of your selected items, such as Fill color, Outline color, etc.

In the following example the circle is selected, so the Properties Panel indicates the Red Stroke color and thickness properties, and the Blue Fill property.

Circles and ovals can be drawn with the Ellipse tool. Squares and rectangles are drawn with the Rectangle tool.

Freehand allows you to import graphic images such as Clipart and other images.  Go to File on the menu bar and select Import. Navigate to the images you plan to use in your project

When you open the selected graphic file a cursor will appear.  This will indicate the top left placement location of the image.


When you are finished your Ad print out a copy to see how it looks in grey scale. 

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